Heritage Railway Association

1 Dinner Seat

x6 Tickets

x6 Tickets


HRA Awards Dinner tickets for February 8th 2019

When you click “select a form will pop up, and you will then be able to put in a name and select your menu choices.  The choices are shortened for the form, but the full menu items are on our 2019 Dinner page.

Please don’t forget to let us know if the diner has any dietary and special access requirements, in the box provided.

Once you have filled in the boxes and selected your menu, at the bottom of the completed form there is another “select” button, which will return you to the main page.  The box at the bottom will flash “ADDED” and you can then move on to payment, by selecting “CART” at the top of the page.  You do not need to press “SELECT” again.

This page is specifically for 6 tickets, and If you need more than six tickets, or a full table, you should go back a page and choose the box for the total number in your booking. 

At any time, when you are in the shopping “CART” you can cancel anything you have already entered - by clicking the little grey X to the left of the item.  You can also edit things, when in your shopping “CART” that you have entered in the form by selecting “Edit Details”

As soon as you have completed payment, you will automatically receive a VAT receipt for your order, which will be sent to the email address used on the payments page.