Heritage Railway Association

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is available for groups or organisations actively involved in Railway Preservation.
Examples are: Operators, Museums, Loco Owners/Groups, Support Associations & Steam Centres.

The membership year runs from 1st October until 30th September in the following year.

Subscriptions are based on turnover within 7 categories of membership.

There are 7 categories of membership and the fees are graded according to turnover:

Category 7              Turnover exceeding £2,000,000

Category 6              Turnover from £750,000 to £2,000,000

Category 5              Turnover from £250,000 to £749,999

Category 4              Turnover from £100,000 to £249,999

Category 3              Turnover from £  50,000 to £  99,999

Category 2              Turnover from £  10,000 to £  49,999

Category 1              Turnover from £    2,500 to £    9,999

Category 1L            Turnover below £  2,500

Category SG           This is not turnover based and is for those organisations based on the site of a fully paid up Corporate Member of the Association.


Subscription rates are agreed annually at the Annual General Meeting for the following subscription year.

Corporate Members have voting rights and their votes are calculated in line with their annual turnover. Corporate Membership applications can be started through this site. Please follow the instructions on our joining site.

If you would like to discuss joining the HRA as a Corporate Member, please contact Steve Wood, our Corporate Membership Secretary at steve.wood@hra.uk.com