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Our Individual (Private) Members are Friends of HRA.

You can join or renew online, as a Friend of the HRA, lower down this page.  You can also purchase your Friend's Interrail card at the same time.  The online process is extremely simple, but if you have any difficulty, then please get hold of John Larke, our Friends Membership Secretary by email at john.larke@hra.uk.com - He would love to talk with you anyway, and answer any questions you may have.

Although the Heritage Railway Association is primarily a trade association of Heritage & Tourist railways and railway preservation groups etc., individuals who have a general interest in railway preservation are most welcome to join as a Friend on payment of an annual subscription, which is £21.60 (incl. VAT). The subscription year runs until the end of February.

Benefits of joining the HRA as a Friend include:

  • The opportunity to purchase an InterRail Card which is currently priced at £120 for a one-person card, which runs for 12 months from 1st March. This allows free or discounted travel on over 80 participating railways, and free or discounted entry into many steam centres and museums that are members of the HRA. (Gala and Special Event Days including Santa Specials are not normally included, and other restrictions may apply).

The list of participating Railways, Steam Centres, Museums and Cliff Railways is available as a pdf        HERE

  • Heritage Railway News - our in-house magazine - This will be sent direct to you, in electronic format, and is published about 4 times a year.

  • The opportunity to attend meetings and seminars organised by the Association. These are held generally in the West Midlands and there is an Autumn Weekend in September where an organised programme of visits is arranged. (Friends do not have a vote at General Meetings)

Of course - we would also love you to volunteer to assist the Association in its work helping our Members. If you have specialist skills, you may be able to share this expertise as an Adviser, but there are many tasks that an active organisation like ours needs willing people to become involved with.

If you would like to join us as a private individual please use the shopping area lower down this page.  If you have any difficulty, please contact John Larke, our Friends Membership Secretary by email at john.larke@hra.uk.com

You can join, or renew membership as a Friend, and if you wish, purchase an Interrail Card straight away - online ...........

Join as a Friend of the HRA

You will receive your publications by email, so do not forget to enter your email address

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Purchase an InterRail Card (Friends Only)

Friends can purchase an InterRail Card here. This is our HRA Railcard for participating HRA Heritage Railways, Tramways and some of our other Members, who are open to the public in the UK and Ireland.

Most of our operating Members are part of this scheme, and cardholders can obtain free or reduced rate travel at participating organisations.

The card is valid one year and the scheme year runs from 1st March in each year to the end of February the following year.

You can purchase an HRA Interrail Card, only if you have joined as a "Friend of the HRA" but you can can join online and purchase an Interrail Card all in the same transaction if you wish.  You do not need a membership number to organise a card, as your details will be checked by John Larke, before any card is sent out.

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Renew your Friend Subscription

If you are already a Friend of the HRA you can renew your subscription here - you will receive your publications by email, so do not forget to enter your email address.

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