Heritage Railway Association

HLF Consultation survey

This survey has been developed by the HRA Heritage Committee

Dear Colleague,
HLF Future priorities – a chance to influence the next five years

I suspect many of you will already be aware that with the reduced funding available to the Heritage Lottery Fund they are now consulting on what should be their priorities in the period 2019 to 2024. For the Heritage Railway Association our aims include 'To encourage and advise members on the heritage aspects of their activities' which is where, amongst other tasks, the Heritage Committee seeks to help members identify sources of funding and support applications to further our heritage work.

In order to respond appropriately to the current HLF consultation we would like to establish the nature and volume of HLF grant funding our members have applied for over the period 2013 to 2018. In the first instance it would help us if for your organisation you would tell us how many times you have applied for HLF support in this period, how much you were seeking and if you were successful.

We have formulated a simple online questionnaire to provide slightly more information on your HLF grant applications, successful or not, this would help us to understand the amount of time and effort your grant applications took It would also help us understand what heritage aspects were addressed by your grant scheme and how you found the process overall in terms of achieving a satisfactory outcome for you and the HLF. If you wish to complete the questionnaire for your most significant grant, or if you had more than one and have the time, one for each of them then your help would be most appreciated.

If you dont have the time to complete the survey below, a simple email response will help immensely, with the following information, the name of your organisation, how many HLF grants applied for in each year, how much was asked and whether you were successful. Please email secretary.heritage@hra.uk.com with this information as soon as possible to help us move on to the next step. We need this information please by the 13th March in order to formulate a response before the close of the HLF consultation period.

As Chair of the Heritage Committee, where we represent the interests of all members across a broad range of heritage organisations, e.g. the Heritage Alliance, HLF, AIM, to name but a few, I hope we can influence the HLF priorities for the future and thank you in advance for your assistance. Meanwhile if you would like our advice and support on any current applications please do get in touch via our secretary as above.

Sam Bee, Chair HRA Heritage Committee