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General information about our Annual events

HRA Awards and Annual Dinner

09 February 2019

This superb event is where you will find out who has won one of our many awards.  The ceremony and  dinner are held in a prestigious 4 star hotel, and the food will of course be excellent – Why not come along and meet lots of other people from our sector, and if you are lucky, if you have been nominated, maybe even receive one of our awards.  Nominations appear on our Awards pages in November each year.

If you wish to nominate an organisation for one of the Awards, please send an email to Barbara Barnes who is the secretary for the awards panel.   barbara.barnes@hra.uk.com

2019 event will be at the Burlington Hotel in Birmingham and will be on 09 February

March Seminar

The HRA Seminars are held twice a year – Spring and Autumn.  Each Seminar majors on a specific theme with several presentations from either external experts, or from our own Members.

The whole day is intended to inform our members about the chosen subjects, but there is also a good chance to network with other representatives about the issues of the day.

March Management Conference & AGM

Again these are held twice a year, but the theme for this day is “business and management” and in particular the management of your Railways or Attractions. The day is aimed at Chairmen, Trustees and General Managers – and all those with a responsibility for safe and successful running of their attractions or organisations.

Speakers are chosen specifically for the interest of “management” and quite often there will be an important presentation by the ORR, or Network Rail, or one of the other industry stakeholders, and several other important contributions. Not to be missed, if you are in a position of responsibility.

Networking is another extremely important part of the event, and there will be representatives from the largest, the most successful operations through to new starters in our industry.

Although only taking up a small portion of the morning, this is the day that we hold our HRA AGM, and important decisions are taken, about how the HRA is run and how we may help you – our members.

Autumn Weekend

This is billed as a being partly a social gathering, and of course it succeeds as that, but there is a core of real value, as it is a chance to not only meet with other HRA members, over the long weekend, but to visit several Railways and Attractions, with a group of other interested representatives. 

These visits enable everyone to learn about how colleagues achieve their successes and of course deal with their issues, and there are usually behind the scenes tours which normally you wouldn’t get a chance to take part in.

A real learning opportunity for all, with some real enjoyment thrown in!

2019 dates and location will be announced on this page

November Seminar & Management Conference

The Autumn Seminars and Management Conferences follow almost the same lines as the Spring event. On the first day there will be a Seminar relating to a single issue, followed on the second day by a Conference aimed at General Managers, Board members, and Managerial Teams.

They are again held on consecutive days, but the only real change is that in the Autumn there normally no need for a General Meeting. Occasionally specific issues crop up, that need decisions by members, but where possible these are kept to the AGM in March

For 2018 the Seminar will be on Wednesday 07 November and the Conference will be on  Thursday 08 November 2018

The location will be the Macdonald Burlington Hotel, Birmingham - just outside New Street Station