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Richard Barnes an HRA Director, will be able to assist with Insurance queries, but will need to forward questions that require professional input, to our professional and registered advisers.  This would be to ensure compliance with any Financial Services Authority requirements.

richard.barnes@hra.uk.com or  +44 (0)7990 755 222

HRA Insurance Scheme (The forerunner to the HRA Mutual)

The Heritage Railway Association and Regis Mutual Management Ltd have worked together to form an insurance product to meet the insurance needs of the HRA membership.

When the scheme becomes mutual, HRA members as a group of policyholders will generate significant buying power to help place the insurance with the most suitable underwriters.

Starting as a traditional insurance scheme is the first step towards a Discretionary Mutual owned and controlled by the HRA membership. This change will happen as soon as enough members join.

When formed, the HRA Mutual will pay the cost of a claim up to a certain amount and will itself have insurance for the larger claims or an accumulation of smaller claims.

It is an insurance product designed for HRA Members to buy all their heritage railway insurance needs in one place with the added bonus that they are stakeholders in the scheme. Members can choose most sections of the insurance so it can be adapted to suit each member's needs.

The cover available includes:

Buildings - including up to £100,000 cover for additions and alterations

Contents – including property at external exhibitions, events and Museums

Rolling Stock – including boiler explosion, rolling stock on loan or hire, rolling stock in transit.

Transport costs of replacement rolling stock and damage to property caused during testing and commissioning of equipment and rolling stock

Track Bridges, Tunnels, Embankments and Cuttings – damage and professional fees to rebuild

Stock – including stock at external exhibitions and events

Business Interruption, Lost income and increased working costs from interruption or interference of the member's activities or the loss of a licence, permit or certificate

Goods in Transit and Money

Plant & Machinery – including trailers and caravans

Employer's Liability, Property Owner's Liability, Public and Products Liability

Directors' and Trustees' Liability

Legal Expenses

Like most insurance, there are general exclusions that apply to most of the policy sections including certain pollution incidents, radioactivity and nuclear risks, sonic bangs, terrorism and war.

The policy is underwritten at Lloyd's and administered by Regis who will handle all claims except Legal Expenses claims.

The insurers and Regis are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

For further information, please contact Martin Richards (Head of Underwriting at RMML)


44 (0)7789 007 362