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Aztec Oils

Principal Activity

Founded in 1995,Aztec Oils now supply the heritage steam sector and, as one of the UK’s leading lubricant manufacturers, supply a complete range of specialist products to all sectors of industry including automotive, commercial, agricultural, industrial, food grade and steam engine oils. Aztec Oils pride themselves on being able to supply industrial grade lubricants for even the harshest environments while maintaining a high level of excellence in both quality and performance. Operating through multiple sites across the UK and Europe as well as their original flagship manufacturing plant in Bolsover, by building strong relationships with key partners they also support a worldwide distributorship facilitating distribution all over Europe, China, Africa, and the UAE. Known for their core values of reliability and integrity, customers and partners alike have come to know Aztec Oils as a high-quality brand they can trust. Their on-site laboratory and in-house chemists and technical team are meticulous in their quality standards and ensure routine testing of all products, so their customers have full confidence in being provided the optimal products for high-power performance. In 2019, Aztec Oils acquired the prestigious Hallett Steam Oils brand which is a name recognisable the world over with specialists, industrialists and hobbyists alike, and considered the authority in steam lubrication. Hallett’s signature steam oils line continues the legacy of industry-renowned chemist and entrepreneur Richard Hallett, and Aztec Oils are proud to honour this name by forever maintaining the standards and quality of Hallett’s original formulations. Hallett Oils are now stocked and sold around the world, powering steam engines as far afield as New Zealand and Australia.


Lubricant manufacturer and supplier of oils for heritage steam.

Partnering Reason

Manufacture and supply the Hallett range of lubricants for steam locomotives.

Partnering Benefits

Working closely with all HRA members, offering quality lubricants and technical support.

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