Twenty20 Healthcare

Twenty20 Healthcare

Twenty20 Healthcare

Principal Activity

Twenty20 Healthcare is a provider of health and wellbeing solutions to the visitor attraction and commercial sectors along with pharmacy/clinical markets. The business has been trading for just under 3 years, the team however has over 100 years combined experience working in the healthcare sector both within the clinical environment and externally in medical sales and training. We draw on that experience when selecting products for our portfolio to be certain they are of the highest quality and meet current standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring peace of mind for our customers. Working with respected manufacturers around the world we constantly review the product portfolio, looking to introduce new, innovative solutions which suit market needs. Whilst our beginnings are in the clinical environment, the team are keen to work with the heritage sector to help build compliance with regard to health and wellbeing both for those working on site and for visitors. This goal is in no small way helped by one of our director’s passion for railways and his involvement with a loco owning charity.


Marketing, sales and distribution of quality devices and consumables to the visitor attraction, commercial and primary care sectors for medical use, health & wellbeing and compliance.

Partnering Reason

To work with HRA members and provide a wider audience for our product portfolio.

Partnering Benefits

Working together helps us build a knowledge base of fit for purpose devices and consumables required within the sector to support health & safety and well-being compliance.

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