Principal Activity

Roof glazing.


We are a family owned and ran business in operation for over 30 years, we supply a modular polycarbonate roof glazing system mainly used to reglaze station and platform canopies. We work extensively with network rail and have many examples of listed stations throughout the UK that have benefited from our product. Our modular Multi-Link-Panel Glazed with polycarbonate not only is in keeping with the stations history it also improves the safety of the roof.

Partnering Reason

Our polycarbonate roof glazing product can be clear, dimpled or Georgian wired effect. It has a long-life span, won’t break, is low maintaince and is ideal to use to replace the old glass on the station’s canopies.

Partnering Benefits

Understanding more about a product that could help improve the safety and longevity of the roof glazing on the station platforms.

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