HRA Privilege - FAQs

HRA Privilege - FAQs

HRA Privilege 2024 - Frequently Asked Questions

Has there been a price rise for 2024? 

Yes, there has been a moderate price rise for HRA Privilege passes this year. Prices have been kept the same for the past four years - since before the Coronavirus pandemic, while costs, including postage, have risen.  

We’ve worked hard with our suppliers to keep the increase to a minimum, but we’ve also improved the offer with many more railways now offering a higher-level discount. For example, the North Yorkshire Moors Railway now offers free travel for HRA Privilege pass holders. 

For 2024, we’re offering HRA Privilege cards for just £42. As ever, one card covers two people, so this continues to represent outstanding value for money in the modern world. 


Am I eligible for an HRA Privilege pass 

Working volunteers and staff at all heritage railways that take part in the HRA Privilege scheme are eligible to purchase a pass. There’s a full list of participating railways at  

If you aren’t an active volunteer or member of staff at a heritage railway, you can still become a Friend of the HRA and purchase a pass. However, you will notice that the price is substantially higher. This is because prices for volunteers and staff are discounted heavily as a way of recognising their hard work in the heritage rail sector.  

Please be aware that all HRA Privilege passes for volunteers and staff are dispatched directly to member railways. The identity of the purchaser will be checked against volunteer and staff records before HRA Privilege passes are distributed. 

Any person who has bought a volunteers and staff HRA Privilege pass that they are not eligible for, will not receive their pass. Please be aware that an admin fee will be taken from any refunds for cards bought by persons not eligible.  


I want to become a Friend of the HRA and purchase a pass – why is it now a two-person pass? 

We’ve listened to feedback from you, the customers of HRA Privilege, and also from booking offices at heritage railways across the country. We’ve been told that the ‘one person’ HRA Privilege pass for friends is confusing and that buying a second Friends pass for travelling companions was prohibitive.  

So, we’ve standardised the passes to be ‘two-person’ across the board … that does mean that the HRA Friends price for HRA Privilege has been increased, but we’ve kept it well below the equivalent of a full second pass. This pass has always been great value for frequent heritage rail travellers, but now it’s even better. 

You can purchase HRA Privilege passes for friends here


Last year it took a long time for my pass application to be approved, will it be the same again this year? 

2023 was the first year we offered passes for sale online and, although we encountered some further teething problems, we’ve found ways to streamline the process for 2024. That means we’re dispatching passes straight to your railway or tramway so that your HRA Privilege co-ordinator can get them to you as quickly as possible. 


Will my pass come straight to me? 

No. All HRA Privilege passes are sent direct to your railway or tramway. That’s an important part of the process as HRA Privilege co-ordinators need to be able to monitor interest in passes and ensure that only active volunteers are able to take advantage of the scheme.  


How will booking offices know to accept my pass? 

We’ve written to every railway that is part of the HRA Privilege scheme with details of the 2024 HRA Privilege passes. We’ve provided specific information to booking offices and to senior management. We very rarely hear of any railway that accepts HRA Privilege, having difficulty with the passes. If, however, you do find a problem, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 


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