Heritage rail is serious business. Whether it’s looking after the safety of visitors and staff, dealing with changes in legislation, or ensuring the financial viability of your organisation, the Heritage Railway Association is here to help.

We provide support across every possible aspect of heritage rail ownership, management and operation and we stage events for training, development, knowledge-sharing and entertainment. We provide free advisory services to all HRA members. We’re on the end of the phone, or ready to answer your email on anything your organisation needs help with. Our unrivalled expertise is drawn from the heritage rail community, so all our advice and guidance is based on experience and is always relevant to the sector.

We also manage a vast and constantly growing library of guidance notes, technical documents and information papers for the exclusive benefit of members. We maintain a strong working relationship with regulators to ensure that our guidance is up to date and reflects current best practice.

We’ve described some of the key areas that we can provide help with, but we could never list the myriad of questions our members ask. So don’t worry if you can’t see the answer here, the Heritage Railway Association is still here for you.

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