Business support

Business support

A successful heritage railway needs to have strong governance and great business skills.

The Heritage Railway Association helps our members navigate the ever more complicated world of charity or company guidance, grant funding and employment law. We provide a strong platform for sharing best practice in areas like marketing, business planning and volunteer engagement

With long-serving general managers and chairmen from some of the nation’s leading heritage railways on our boards and committees, we can provide sound, practical advice that will help your operation flourish.

Whether it’s help with where to turn on Gift Aid, advice on how to get the right training, or even dealing with planning issues and rights of way, the HRA has experience members can call upon.

Great leadership is essential in operating a safe and successful heritage railway, but sometimes another perspective can help to bring out the best in people. The HRA has significant expertise in governance matters in the heritage rail sector and has helped several members find new and more productive ways of achieving their aims and ambitions.

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