HRA Privilege and your railway

HRA Privilege and your railway

The HRA Privilege reciprocal travel scheme directly benefits all of the railways, cliff railways and tramways that take part.

Formerly known as InterRail, the HRA Privilege reciprocal travel scheme is the biggest of its type in the world, covering 113 railways and museums, most of which generously offer free travel to HRA pass holders, with the remainder providing substantial discounts.

Most HRA member organisations that take part in the reciprocal travel scheme also receive a percentage discount on their annual corporate membership fees, meaning that railways and tramways benefit directly, as well as through visitors using their pass.

Research has found that more than half of visits made using the reciprocal travel arrangements would not have been made at all if the scheme didn’t exist. It also found that the average secondary spend by a pass holder in catering and retail outlets is £13 per visit. 

Originally set-up to support some of the HRA’s work, the scheme still funds significant parts of our lobbying, advocacy, communications and business support work for members, meaning that all HRA members benefit significantly from the scheme.

The name, accompanied by a new look, is intended to help improve understanding of the scheme, both for users and member railways. The HRA Privilege identity has been deliberately designed to reflect the use of the term ‘privilege’, which originally described a series of passes issued by the national rail network. 

The new branding will be accompanied by a series of other improvements. For the first time working volunteers and staff at HRA members will be able to buy a pass online. A dedicated platform is currently being worked on as the latest addition to the new HRA website.


If your railway, cliff railway or tramway doesn't already take part in the HRA Privilege scheme, contact us to find out more about how you can get involved. 

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