Ernest R Shaw

Ernest R Shaw

Ernest R Shaw

Principal Activity

We’ve been providing specialist insurance services since 1905. Our Heritage Protect policy - a bespoke insurance product for the heritage rail and transport preservation sector - provides extensive protection for: • heritage railways • tramways • museums • rolling stock owner • and engineering facilities supporting these operations.


An insurance policy can never, no matter how specialist, replace a truly unique item. That’s why our expert team believes that helping you manage and mitigate your risks is as important as securing the right insurance cover. We’ll assist with all aspects of running your organisation, and give expert insurance and risk management advice on a wide range of aspects, including contracts, loan agreements and regulation. Our team can also arrange buildings, machinery and plant valuations, using specialists who are well versed in mixed construction buildings, Victorian-era and graded structures and equipment that is difficult to source or unique.

Partnering Reason

We’re committed to supporting all types of heritage railway organisations to thrive, and to protect their most valuable assets.

Partnering Benefits

Access to our experienced Heritage Protect team of risk management and insurance specialists.

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