Inspire (Structures) Ltd

Inspire (Structures) Ltd

Inspire (Structures) Ltd

Principal Activity

Engineering services, including structure inspections, difficult access and training.


Inspire was founded in 2013 by specialists with extensive experience in the management and inspection of infrastructure assets. By introducing safety-focused, high-precision structure inspections, competency assessments, associated training and engineering services to asset owners, Inspire has established a position as a market leader in the field. Our service offering covers railway, highway environments and any scenario where asset owners have a need for an asset management plan. Our structure inspection teams are competent to current standards and requirements. We are an experienced and competent inspection partner for a wide range of clients who trust Inspire to deliver their projects safely and to our usual high standard. We use advanced and innovative techniques which are facilitated by our in-house delivery of commercial diving, industrial roped access and confined spaces access methods alongside the use of our own custom-designed DAKK CCTV and UAV inspection solutions. As a director-led organisation, our senior management team are passionate about solving complex problems for our clients and sharing best practice across the full range of our deliveries. Having hands-on, site-based experience in the delivery of asset inspections in challenging environments is what makes our senior management team effective and knowledgeable in our field. Inspire is founded on a commitment to delivering best-in-class service based on industry partnerships and expertise.

Partnering Reason

We wish to offer our technical skills as support to Heritage railways. We already work with several railways and would like to support others.

Partnering Benefits

We will offer engineering advice, structure examinations and training on a not for profit basis.

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