Premier Park Ltd

Premier Park Ltd

Premier Park Ltd

Principal Activity

Car Parking Management (ANPR, patrol and CCTV), Cashless Parking Facilities, Data & Intelligence Insights (car park behaviour), Access Control Systems, Permit Management, Car Park Income Maximisation


We are part of the wider Agena Group that also includes our own software business, underpinning everything we do to ensure direct management of the parking services we provide to our clients. The Group is run by a team of very experienced Directors who have worked in the parking industry - therefore bring a range of skills, and experience that complement our clients’ aspirations. We are also active and represented by a range of industry bodies to ensure we stay at the forefront of developments across our industry. We specialise in the retail/leisure/tourism sector and operate many shopping parks, shopping centre and retail park locations across the UK, this experience informs how we design and build our parking data services. Premier Park is a national provider of car parking services, supporting a range of clients, across many sectors in the delivery of efficient and user friendly car park solutions. We look forward to developing our parking services further with HRA members and would welcome the chance to implement the benefits we have brought to all three Severn Valley Railway locations we currently manage.

Partnering Reason

The opportunity for Premier Park to showcase our parking services for the benefit of your members as we have successfully shown at Severn Valley Railway (Holdings) Plc.

Partnering Benefits

Assisting HRA members to maximise income from under utilised assets (car parks) using current technology.

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