Rail Riders

Rail Riders

Rail Riders

Principal Activity

In 2020 the former British Rail Children’s Club returned - as Rail Riders - this time open to adults and families. As with the 1980s club they promote rail travel to members and encourage them to visit partnered heritage railways (of which there are currently 49).They give partnered railways free publicity in their magazines and official club handbook as well as their social media platforms. Their aim is to increase footfall and revenue for their partnered railways by keeping them in members minds when they are travelling around the UK, as well as promoting travelling by train and railway related hobbies. They market themselves as ‘The Railway Club for Everyone’ and offer a unique discount to travel on the National Rail Network that members can enjoy, which also encourages those members wishing to visit heritage railways with a national rail station nearby. It may even lead to a member becoming a volunteer. It costs nothing to be a partner of Rail Riders. Partners gain free publicity in return for a small discount on travel on non-event days.They are looking at organising Rail Riders event days to promote various partnered railways further. (Rail Riders is different to the HRA’s member railway InterRail Pass scheme and has a shared ambition to support railway enthusiasts and all who love travelling by train.)


Promoting rail travel on both heritage rail and the national network to provide members with a happy friendly railway club that give discount benefits alongside quality magazines and other benefits not readily available to non-members.

Partnering Reason

A logical step as we have several HRA partnered railways on our books and have the same common aim to promote heritage rail travel.

Partnering Benefits

Rail Riders aim to promote the HRAs corporate members that are onboard with them and encourage members to travel on these railways to increase footfall and turnover for them.

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