Silver Moor Consulting

Silver Moor Consulting

Silver Moor Consulting

Principal Activity

Silver Moor provides risk management services to the heritage rail sector, focusing on areas where human performance can affect safety. Services include: Bow tie risk modelling -This ORR- approved technique for risk assessment creates diagrams that visualise the risk you are dealing with in a single clear picture, rather than lengthy written assessments. Safety Management Systems – Silver Moor create simple systems that fulfil the requirements of ROGS, without becoming a significant burden for the management team and the workforce. Operational rules and instructions - Writing concise rule books and instructions using plain English. Competence management systems - The company develops risk-based competence criteria and simple management systems to develop and maintain the competence of all staff carrying out safety critical work. Audits, inspections and reviews – Their operational audits, inspections and other audits systematically review the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of any aspect of your operations. Audits typically use the bow tie methodology and results can be presented against the ORR’s RM3 framework. Independent accident investigation - Using recognised tools and techniques to identify immediate and underlying causes and to help generate practical solutions. Safety culture assessment - Using a safety climate assessment that can give you an objective measure of your organisation’s safety culture, across the permanent and voluntary workforce. Training can be provided for all the above services. Silver Moor also create bespoke training packages - for example, disability awareness and On-Train Data Recorder (OTDR) analysis. Their e-learning platform can be used as a cost-effective way to develop the knowledge of a geographically-dispersed volunteer workforce.


Consulting practice with rail operational expertise, that develops and implements solutions to risk-related business problems where human performance is a significant factor.

Partnering Reason

Silver Moor work with all main line railway organisations, including Network Rail, RSSB, train manufacturers,TOCs, light rail and tram operators and several heritage and charter operators.

Partnering Benefits

Access to their expertise in rail industry operations and safety, including ‘bowtie’ risk assessments, operational rules, safety management system development (incl. RM3), competence management systems, gaining main line safety certificates and operating licences.

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