Stanegate Restorations and Replicas

Stanegate Restorations and Replicas

Stanegate Restorations and Replicas

Principal Activity

We undertake work involving the conservation, repair and restoration of heritage items, we also construct full scale replicas. Our larger projects have included railway vehicles - of several gauges, as well as boat repairs and refits - including a 1909 pulling lifeboat. We also take on smaller scale commissions, such as replica furniture. Some of our other products include interactive models and toys. All our projects are carried out with the same high level of craftmanship and attention to detail.


Since 2006 Stanegate Restorations and Replicas have been slowly but continuously building their reputation for tackling some of the most intricate, and obscure, restorations that railway preservation can offer. Specialising in wooden bodied carriages and wagons, the project that Stanegate are probably best known for now is the Knotty Heritage Train. The North Staffordshire Railway rake, based at the Foxfield Railway, is currently three carriages long, all of which have been restored at Stanegate. Based in Haltwhistle, Northumberland, the team at Stanegate have also been responsible for a string of Welsh narrow gauge carriage restorations and replicas, as well as full rebuilds of historic waggons. The team have even turned their hands to funicular railway vehicles and a unique prison railway carriage.

Partnering Reason

To share and access knowledge on issues facing the heritage rail sector.

Partnering Benefits

Access to services and skills we provide. This is especially of use to lines that do not have the skilled staff or workshop facilities to maintain or repair existing rolling stock.

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