Principal Activity

Affordable fleet tracking technology


We're a UK company that builds apps, websites and custom technology for organisations around the UK and the US - we primarily work with charities to create bespoke systems to their needs. One product that we've developed is the Train Monitoring System (TMS) - a custom telemetry system for heritage railways in the UK that allows for rolling stock and road-based engineering vehicles to be tracked and managed by controllers. The system can also be released publicly in a limited form, and our clients have been able to charge the public a small subscription fee for this, which covers the cost of the systems as a whole and returns additional revenue to the railway.

Partnering Reason

We've worked with heritage railways from the beginning. By partnering with the HRA we're able to develop our systems to cater in a better way for more of the sector, helping to improve services and lower costs across the board.

Partnering Benefits

By partnering with us, you gain access to our group of skilled systems engineers ready to deploy our fleet management solution with you, or build other custom technology that helps to make your life, those of your staff and volunteers and your customers' lives quicker and simpler.

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