Principal Activity

DigiTickets provide award-winning software to help you manage your operations. Trusted by over 500 attractions in the UK and further afield, DigiTickets provide everything - from online ticketing to queue-busting ticket redemption - needed to manage your attraction. Giving businesses the ability to control, in real time, their ticketing requirements, DigiTickets creates a branded, integrated system and point of sale to enable seamless selling online and in person. The system has a wide range of functions that allows your business to manage capacity, report on finances, sell products, give customers flexibility and, most importantly, increase sales. DigiTickets’ powerful ‘Back Office’ system is constantly being improved and updated based on industry trends and is evolved to meet client’s needs. All their software includes free upgrades for life and will stand the test of time.


Online ticketing platform, Electronic Point Of Sale till systems and back-office functionality for visitor attractions throughout the UK and overseas.

Partnering Reason

DigiTickets work with several heritage railways and understand the sector requirements, meaning they are on your side to cover all things ticketing and to work with you to enhance your customer offering and attendance uptake. Contact DigiTickets for more information and to discuss options for your business! We provide best practice advice to HRA members and offer any tips and demonstrations on their offering that may be required.

Partnering Benefits

Understanding the ticketing landscape and possibilities for working together or sharing best practice engagements.

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