Owen Springs

Owen Springs

Owen Springs

Principal Activity

Manufacture and repair of laminated leaf springs


Owen springs are accredited to ISO 9001 (Quality) / 14001 (Environmental) and will be accredited to ISO 45001 (Health & Safety) by the end of 2023.We are a commercial manufacturing business started in 1983 to repair HGV suspension springs to the UK aftermarket. We were approached by BR in the late 80's to take on the refurbishing works as the site at Derby was being closed down. We have been supplying most of the UK heritage fleets since.

Partnering Reason

At Owen Springs Ltd we already feel that we are a part of the heritage rail industry. Having formal recognition of this would highlight the importance that we place on the collaborative relationships we have with the industry. Being a HRA partner will help us to formulate and formalise processes and procedures around project work and finally documenting a recognised methodology for the work we perform and in doing so, keep as close as is possible to meet the requirements of the now obsolete BR standards.

Partnering Benefits

From Owen Springs experience,f ormalising and documenting standard methods and procedures will be to the benefit of everybody within the industry. There is a real lack of consistency from members in approach, perceived requirement and expected outcome across the industry. There is a considerable amount of time at the start of any project we are involved in, setting out what is required, specifications, standards, materials and test criteria. It ends up being the same but different every time.

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