Railworld Wildlife Haven

Railworld Wildlife Haven

Railworld Wildlife Haven

Principal Activity

RailworldWildlife Haven’s slogan: ‘Entertain and Educate about OurWorld -Volunteers Creating Habitat for Nature with Model Railways’ really sums up the wonderful attraction which is delighting visitors of all ages with its intriguing and exciting landscaped, wildlife haven, with repurposed (in true ‘Circular Economy’ style!)Victorian bridges, ponds and waterfalls. Aided by legions of volunteers, companies, groups and individuals, passionate conservationists have spent the last 25 years turning three inner-city acres of derelict, former power station coal yard into a beautifully scenic, wildlife habitat, The site bought by founder Rev Richard Paten many years ago, is now home to over 300 species of flora and fauna. In addition, the industrious volunteers have also created the 6,000 sq ft Globe Hall Earth Centre, complete with giant solar powered rotating globe, an elliptical viewing platform and classrooms!The Globe - 'Our World' - was made by volunteers and driven by a repurposed car park barrier gate drive. This has all been done without any core funding whatsoever, the project has received 6 UK Awards and was recently awarded the prestigious 2018 ‘Queen’s Award forVoluntary Service’, after clocking up over 13,000 recorded volunteer hours! The team are so pleased that constantly high visitor ratings onTripAdvisor puts RailworldWildlife Haven, in the top 10% of attractions world-wide and the No. 2 attraction within the whole city of Peterborough! All done with about 20 mainly retired engineers and two part-time people who also volunteer! Bob Clarke’s team look after the railway aspect – the 2,000 sq.ft. of Model Railways with trains of all sizes!


Focussed on ‘EnthusiasticVolunteering and Visionary Conservation’ and located next to the NeneValley Railways’ Peterborough Station, the ‘RailworldWildlife Haven’ is a much-loved visitor attraction and community asset. Run by volunteers, the project aims to ‘Entertain and Educate about our AmazingWorld’ we all call our home.

Partnering Reason

To help further our conservation and environmental aims and to encourage heritage railways to focus on their environment responsibilities.

Partnering Benefits

Railworld provides knowledge and insights for heritage railways on conservation and preserving and developing habitats.

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