Fox and Edward Events

Fox and Edward Events

Fox and Edward Events

Principal Activity

Fox & Edwards Events is a proud partner of the Heritage Railway Association, supporting organisations in our sector with event management, coordination and operations. Olly Edwards and Julie Fox, the two directors of this company with a heritage heart, are really passionate about broadening the audiences and commercial incomes of small and medium-sized heritage attractions around the UK. Visitor feedback at Fox & Edwards managed events suggests approximately 90% of visitors have not previously visited the attraction before, proving their involvement brings new opportunities. They’re a friendly pair and would love to have a chat about working together.


Event management and sales - A partnership between two committed, heritage-lovers operating events with a number of heritage sites and organisations.

Partnering Reason

To support our sector's trade body.

Partnering Benefits

A range of event and experience services which can relieve members of the burden around commercial management.

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